lørdag 31. oktober 2015

Everybody who's listed in #AbònTopFollower or any other lists of mine,just add @AbonTheArtist as your friend if you wanna join the club:))  


Also have a look at some old art on my Flickr account if you feel like it:)


Ciao! Abòn

fredag 30. oktober 2015


Hi my friends:) When it comes to my #ABONTOPFOLLOW account that i made as a tribute to you ALL and my friends and engaged members and fans,ALL you have to do is add @AbonTopFollow to your friends and i or my moderator will add you and please let me know if you're having any trouble!! THAT account is for ALL OF YOU MY FRIENDS FROM ME AS A SMALL THANK YOU:) Ciao,arrivederrci.  Abòn  about.me/abonrecords


Hi my friends:) Now it's weekend and i'm relaxing and watching some tv for a change. I think watching tv 24/7 fillsyour head with propaganda and non creativity so i'd rather watch a good movie or a good show just to relax sometimes:) I love movies as youmay know i studied)Studies:) Cinema and i stopped counting movies i've seen at 6,500 when i was around 30..So i guess the nr is pretty high now,he,he. Wish you all a great weekend and #HAPPYHALLOWEEN!!  All the best,Abòn  about.me/abonrecords

tirsdag 27. oktober 2015

I have done alot of work today too with updating,networking and connecting. Also i fixed a site for my top followers&Friends so i hope it will be appreciated:) Signing out. Too sleepy:) Ciao

lørdag 24. oktober 2015

I like the thought of having a place to write down my thoughts(Not all of them:) And a place to share ideas&Keep in touch with those who subscribe and to my fans and friends across the globe:) Just wanted to mention that i'm working on the real Abòn Records&Studio homepage with ALL info on projects,releases,info,booking,pics from the studio++Hope to see you all there soon!

Good night and bless you all!


My first blog entry ever:)

All i have to say is business is great and i really love to wake up and see all the nice,kind people tweet about me 15 hours after i just wrote "Sorry guys,i'm sick"And still people keep connecting and i'm so very gratefull and i will pay you all back with a really surprisng,different and brand new album with nice guest stars in 2016! I thank each and everyone of you even we may never even chat,believe me i love you too:))
Take good care everyone and the pleasure and honor is all mine.

Your's Abòn